Who we are, how we got started, and why:
On paper, KC Nanobrews got started in 2012. In spirit, we started in 2010 in a popular Kansas City neighborhood called Brookside. A handful of friends had become interested in homebrewing, and wanted to share their craft with others. In 2010, the “Brookside Nanobrew Festival” was held in one friend’s backyard, and beer was dispensed to friends and family members who were happy to spend a Saturday hanging out with each other. As homebrewing and craft beer became more popular, we decided to form a American Homebrewers Association (AHA) social club to help promote and educate homebrewers in the production of craft-style beers. We never charge dues and take a laid back and informal approach to homebrewing by getting together for events such as a brew day, a brewery tour, or just to share a few beers at the local pub.

The KC Nanobrew Festival is the largest event we put on each year. It’s the original and largest festival in KC dedicated to local home brewing and giving the public a chance to see all the amazing brewing talent we have in our community.

Every year we have grown substantially and had changed venues to accommodate. Our start in a residential backyard has taken us to establishments all over Kansas City such as: Original Juan, Big Rip Brewing Co, Rock & Run Brewery & Pub, and Stockyards Brewing. In 2016 we signed a agreement with Berkley Riverfront and found this venue to be the perfect size for our festival. The 17-acre park is located on the south bank of the Missouri River between the Kit Bond Bridge and Heart of America Bridge. This spacious outdoor venue consists of more than 300 trees and a nearly one-mile long esplanade with period lighting. We are looking forward to making this beautiful Kansas City park our permanent home. 

We all have “real jobs,” but we treat our brewing hobby like a second job, always striving for better taste, improved consistency, and ways to make it more fun in general. We are excited and surprised by the surge in popularity of home brewing and craft beer, and we’re happy to ride the wave as long as we can. The acceptance of what we do by our significant others is a true market indicator that proves home brewing is here to stay! As a laid back social club we never charge dues or have formal meetings. We believe knowledge and experiences should be shared for free. We invite the community to join us at our Facebook Group page, or read on to learn a little more about the group of kids that started this adventure.

Moats is the hero who’s out to save Nanobrews from demolition. His goal, to find the lost treasure of the pirate One Eyed Willy. He overcomes his problems with asthma and dyslexia by having a genuinely positive and overly enthusiastic attitude.

Frank is the smartass obnoxious best friend who is constantly fiddling with his hair. He may seem to be more of a hinderance to the Nanobrew cause, but proves reliable at talking his way out of problems and his fluency in Spanish also plays a key role.

Rob is the comic relief of the group with humor normally revolving around food. Some say his “Truffle Shuffle” dance wards off evil spirits while brewing, others say it causes infections. Either way, he is required to perform it before each and every batch.

The 4th core member of the group is Tim. The brains of the operation, Tim is seen using a variety of gadgets he invented modeled after his idol James Bond. Though the inventions seem a little silly and useless at first, he goes on to save the lives of the entire group on more than one occasion.

Chad is the deformed and extra large sibling of the group. Chad was dropped as a child, on more than one occasion, which is what caused his ugly appearance. After being tormented by his family, he befriends the group and likes to eat vegan candy bars on brew day.

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