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On April 2, 2013 by KC Nanobrews

logo-squareIt’s seems like just yesterday that Josh and Kipp were homebrewers at the 2012 KC Nanobrewfest. Well, they are all grown up now and trying to fulfill every homebrewers dream of starting a full fledged brewery.

For those that don’t know them, Josh and Kipp are two friends who caught the beer and wine making bug years ago and decided to take on all the challenges of becoming one of Kansas City’s newest craft breweries.

mug-clubThey recently opened their online store and began offering Get Ripped Mug Club Memberships. By purchasing a 20 oz glass mug you get a 1 year membership to the mug club which entitles you to larger pours and discounts off merchandise. The mug comes personalized with your named engraved on it (so no one will gank your beer), and grants you access to special events. They had us at larger pours…. The guys at Big Rip decided they wanted to give back to their founders and newest mug club members so we were invited to their first private tour and tasting.

photoOur tour started off with Josh and Kipp explaining the brewing process and showing off some of their shiny new equipment. They will be brewing small batches on a 2 bbl system that uses a custom computerized control system and glycol chilled fermenters which, just like a commercial brewery, will ensure they get the best results each and every time. What they lack in size they plan to make up for in quality and creativity. They don’t intend to take over the world, just create unique beers that appeal to both beer-nerds and beer-curious people.

photo 1Next we made our way to the tap room. Think of the tap room as a comfortable place where you can chill out, drink beer, and do the harlem shake. The tap room is filled with tables and chairs and is big enough to accomodate 45-50 people. Once they get the bar built (currently under construction) its where you’ll get growlers filled or just hang out to have a few drinks after work. In addition to producing quality beer, they also plan on serving local wine and select spirits. This is where they also gave us a preview of their label designs, while they don’t plan on mass distribution, they will be selling bottles. One was for a Sweet Brown Ale named “Hathor’s” and the other was a Cherry Hefeweisen know as “The Great Conjunction”. Kipp explained that they are big fans of sci-fi so the name The Great Conjunction was to pay homage to the movie the Dark Crystal.

photo 3Then we got to the best part, the beer samples. Their equipment wasn’t set up yet so we were treated to some of their homebrew. We were informed that the samples are not a completely accurate representation of the final product and an increase in batch size and the use of commercial grade equipment might alter the final flavor profile. They also provided us with comment cards so they could make adjustments to a recipe based on customer feedback and suggestions. The beers on tap were a Sweet Brown Ale, Brown Ale, Almond Porter, IPA, and the Cherry Hefeweizen. Next to the beer sampling station they had a table full of Big Rip merchandise available for purchase which included T-shirts, pint glasses, and a sweet 64 oz. stainless steel growler (a must-have for any homebrewer). All items are now available for purchase from their online store.

Since their focus is, and will always be, about the beer they will not be serving food. They know food is important element so they do welcome patrons to bring food in. Fortunately for them there happens to be a new BBQ restaurant opening right next door! KC Smoke Shack BBQ is scheduled to open right around the same time the brewery is. Nothing says KC like beer and BBQ.

smokerLucky for us the KC Smoke Shack BBQ owner Glenn Yeager (aka The Brisket Meister) was available to give us a quick tour. He told us the history of Smoke Shack BBQ and how his Great Great Grandpa Greg started making dry rubs and smoking meats. He perfected these rubs during the cattle drive days when all the restaurants were frying steak and baking roasts. But Grandpa Greg wanted something different, something better. So he started with the toughest piece of meat that no one used – the brisket. After lots of trial and error he came up with dry rubs that will actually make the brisket taste like its has BBQ sauce on it. Ever since then, the Yeager Family has enjoyed smoked meats like brisket, ribs, chicken, pulled pork, and sausage.

Thanks to Big Rip Brewing and KC Smoke Shack for fun night! We wish them the best of luck and are looking forward to the Grand Opening!

For more info and updates visit Big Rip Brewing Company’s Facebook Page.


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