Brewer Profile: Grains & Taps

On May 13, 2018 by KC Nanobrews
Your name(s): Brad Boehm – owner, Brian Bixby – owner, Brian Freymuller – brewer/manager
Your brewery’s name: Grains & Taps
Location: Downtown Lee’s Summit, MO

Number of years participating in the Festival?
Every year since 2013.
When did you start brewing? What got you brewing? How frequently do you brew?
Brad started brewing with friends from work in 2009 and introduced Brian Bixby to the hobby. Brian Freymuller started frequenting Grains & Taps as a customer and eventually started working there, later becoming the manager of the homebrew supply store, and will soon be brewing professionally. All three brew as often as possible in addition to being immersed in craft beer and brewing daily through the taproom and home brew supply store at Grains & Taps.
Describe your brew system. 
Our initial setup will be a version of a pilot system, allowing us to produce beer for our taproom, but also continue to focus on experimentation and education with small batches. We are excited to be able to brew beer on location and formulate recipes to highlight specific concepts we are teaching in our brewing classes.

How did you come up with your brewery’s name?
Our business opened in 2013 as a combination of two different businesses. Grains & Taps is both a home brew supply store and a craft beer taproom featuring a large selection of craft beer from around the world. The name Grains & Taps came naturally when describing our two lines of business.
What is your favorite style of beer to brew? We enjoy brewing all styles.
What was your first beer you ever brewed? Did it turn out?
First all-grain was a raspberry ginger wheat run on the brutus 10 we built. Had some production issues, stuck mash, it was a bit of a learning curve. The beer turned out not very good, too much ginger and raspberry, and overall just wasn’t a very well made beer.
Do you have a homebrew disaster you’d like to share? 
Brad brewed a tripel from an extract kit. It turned out well enough that Brad kept brewing and introducing friends to the hobby.

Have you won any awards/competitions? What is the best prize you won?
Grains & Taps won an award in 2016 for Best Downtown Lee’s Summit Event for hosting the Blarney Brew Off. Our first Nanobrewfest was in 2013. We had a blast, and when we were asked a few months later by our local downtown organization to host a home brew themed event we knew the perfect model to base it off of.

2017 Business of the Year – Downtown Lee’s Summit, 2017 Best Craft Beer – Reader’s Choice Lee’s Summit, 2015 KC Beer Scouts Golden Tappy – Best Beer Bar

Do you have any plans to go pro? When? Where?
Yes. We are in the process of adding brewing to our existing location in downtown Lee’s Summit.
Your brewery’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
twitter: @grainstaps
snapchat: grainstaps
instagram: grains_and_taps
Anything else you’d like to share?
While our house beer won’t be available for a few months there is no need to wait to visit Grains & Taps. We are currently open and offer 25 craft beers on tap with a constantly rotating selection, delicious pizza, and a home brew supply store to meet all of your brewing needs.

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